Older adult sexual health

Older adults have sex. It happens and it's happening enough that sexually transmitted infections are being spread throughout older adult care communities. However, having a conversation about safe sex practices can be quite uncomfortable.

OASH booklet
The cover page and inside of the handout booklet

To overcome this barrier, we proposed a standalone care package aimed to expose the older adult to information about sexual health. Part of this was to provide encouragement and tips for talking to their physician or partner about sexual health. The process consisted of:


Desk research was conducted to further understand the problem, as well as understand what current solutions existed for older adult sexual health. Subject matter experts were also consulted to verify our understanding of the problem.


Identifying existing solutions, as well as precedents from other contexts, were used as inspiration during individual ideation sessions. Group ideation was used to identify care package content and to fine-tune the solution.


A low-fidelity prototype was developed and presented to project stakeholders for feedback on overall direction and problem definition. After revisions had been made, a high-fidelity prototype was presented in a one-on-one scenario for in-depth feedback on content and presentation.

The development of this prototype was informative in its process. Identifying existing solutions and determing the strengths and weaknesses lead to a (theoretically) strong product. Given the opportunity, the next steps for this would be to test the care package and validate our decisions to design a care package.