Designing for audit & feedback
No Endo for me, Friendo
Supporting physician practice improvement
Recommendations for designing clinical practice guideline documents
Health information use in primary care
Prototypes of web tools
Unboxing PPE and increasing confidence
Older adult sexual health
Fall prevention in long term care
Managing cables for paramedics
Promoting iron deficiency anemia care guidelines
Quality of time in primary care

Hi there.

I'm an information designer living in Toronto, Ontario.

I'm currently finishing up my master's degree in Design for Health at OCAD University.

My approach to anything design-related in healthcare is underscored by three main ideas:

  1. Healthcare is a complex system.
  2. Complexity isn't something to shy away from.
  3. Personal experiences humanize complexity.

I love data that doesn't fit within traditional, quantitative data visualizations. While those sort of visualizations certainly have their time and place, there's so much more to the data that's being left out.

If you are interested in working together, please email me at

Or send me a message on linkedin or twitter

For more details about my education and work, here is my CV.